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At FitZONE, we want to take your health and fitness to the next level with our unique training systems designed to coach, motivate and empower you to become fitter, faster and stronger!

We operate out of Empower Fitness in Taupo and our facility is specifically designed to maximize results using functional training while being coached and motivated in a supportive environment.

FitZONE offers three dynamic programs: BoxFIT, HitFIT and OCRFIT so no matter what your goals are, FitZONE will get you there.

Our coaches are actively enriching the lives of our members and creating a community of likeminded people who love being healthy and strong. Our philosophy is all about whanau - When you join FitZONE, you become more than a member, you become part of our FitZONE family. 


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Strike the ZONE!


BoxFIT is group personal training that packs a punch!

Combine boxing and fitness through technique, skills and punching drills. From bag work and footwork, through to fitness and body conditioning. 

BoxFIT delivers on all fronts.

Suitable for all levels and abilities

Hit the ZONE!


Take your strength, fitness and endurance to a new level with specific training phases to allow progression and get results!

From bodyweight exercises through to barbells and kettlebells - You'll be coached with technique and safety in mind.

Suitable for all levels and abilities

Challenge Your ZONE!


Become obstacle bulletproof by training in all aspects of fitness in this unique program that's inspired by Obstacle Course Racing.

From tyre flips to rope climbs, learn how to overcome all obstacles and have fun while doing it.

Suitable for all levels and abilities

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Greg Witika

Head Coach & Program Developer

My name is Greg Witika. I'm a husband, father, son, friend, coach and motivator. You can say that I've evolved within the fitness, health and well being industry. My journey began in 1996 as a 23yr old ego driven individual who wanted to change the world and although I had the very best of intentions, I still had a lot of growing up to do. Cue the love of my life, who took me for who i was and has continued through to this day to challenge me to become better - a better husband, father, son, friend, coach and motivator. Now i consider myself very much soul driven with a passion to help individuals from all walks of life to become the very best versions of themselves.

Our Coach is ready to create your new fitness routine. Get in touch today!

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